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Bartender 3.0.18 !!TOP!!

The sole formal collection in the game, the Legendary Items have two Achievements associated with them and some of the items are actually useful to you in that they perform stat-enhancing services. These are listed in the order that they will be first encountered, and as a reference point for you:(3.0.1) Legendary Items > The Comb with One ToothA book is found in the room above the Citadel in Puerto Isabella that, when you read it, flags and advances this quest, and tells you that you need to search the beach at the Crystal Fortress for the item! The Treasure Map for this is found in the Level 60 Chest to the left of Commandant Carlos in his offices at the Fortress, and when you take the map it flags the quest The Treasure on Fortress Beach. The Treasure Chest for this is located in the Crystal Cave below the Fortress -- which is accessed from the beach -- and inside the chest is this Legendary Item! Adds 1 to Blades.(3.0.2) Legendary Items > The Silver MaskFlag this quest and get the details by reading the book in the Commandant's Mansion on Tacarigua, and then the Yellow Journal in the room above the pub, where you learn that it is located in Gibson's Grave in the town Graveyard on Antigua. Adds 10 to Bladeproof.(3.0.3) Legendary Items > The Old Coin Read the book The Coincidence at the Gnome Cave on The Isle of Thieves to flag this Underworld quest. The coin is on the table to the right of the door in the room we enter the Underworld in. Taking it completes this quest. The Old Coin Adds 10 to Bulletproof.(3.0.4) Legendary Items > The Bottle of MemoriesThe Bottle of Memories - Look for the Bottle at the Shaganumbi Tribe. This is purchased from Kapaua, one of the tribe members, after you gain the ability to buy and sell with them! Adds 10 to Death Cult.(3.0.5) Legendary Items > The Left BootThe Left Boot - Flagged by reading the Pirate Stories Book on the first level up at the Pub in Pirates Den. The boot itself is found on the inner beach in the upper left-hand side of the map in Antigua -- watch the video in the main guide if you have trouble finding it. Adds 1 to Cunning.(3.0.6) Legendary Items > The FlaskObtained from the Gnome Kaan for killing the Gnome Eater as part of your reward. The Flask adds 10 to Dirty Tricks.(3.0.7) Legendary Items > The Meerschaum Pipe The Meerschaum Pipe - Found in Pete's Treasure Chest. Adds 1 to Firearms.(3.0.8) Legendary Items > The CannonballReading the book on the rampart at the Inquisition Tower on the Sword Coast reveals this quest and its lore. The actual item itself you will purchase from the Bluecoat merchant Mercutio after you complete his quest of recovering the six supply barrels from the beach in Maracai. Simply buy the item from him to complete this quest.(3.0.9) Legendary Items > The Shrunken Head Found on a gravestone in the Native Graveyard on the Sword Coast. You will acquire this when you do the treasure map quest there. Adds 10 to Intimidate.(3.0.10) Legendary Items > The Broken RattleRead the book in Emma the Witch's shop in Antigua to flag this quest.(3.0.11) Legendary Items > The Hangman's NooseRead the Old Notes on the table in the Admiral's bedroom to flag this quest and then visit the Storehouse to find the item.(3.0.12) Legendary Items > The Voodoo NeedleThis Legendary Item is purchased from Emma, the Port Witch, in Antigua. Adds 1- to Piercing Weapons.(3.0.13) Legendary Items > The Powder BagThis Legendary Item is obtained as your reward for recovering the ten cargo crates from the three beaches on the Sword Coast, and turning them in to Miguel, who is in charge of the Storehouse over in Puerto Isabella. Adds 10 to Pistols.(3.0.14) Legendary Items > The TalismanThe Hand Mirror - purchased from Booze the Bartender in the Pirate's Den. Adds 10 to Silver Tongue.(3.0.15) Legendary Items > The Hand Mirror The book A Pirate's Life is found in a cave on the southeastern part of Antigua that flags this quest, and lets you know to look for the hand on the Isle of the Dead. The Hook Hand is located in the Treasure Chest for the Treasure Map for the Isle of the Dead -- and once you have it it adds 10 to Slashing Weapons!(3.0.16) Legendary Items > The Hook Hand (3.0.17) Legendary Items > The SnuffboxBuy this from the merchant in Caldera. Addds 10 to Thievery.(3.0.18) Legendary Items > The Parrot's WingObtained from the treasure chest at the top of the ledges on The Isle of Thieves. The Parrot's Wing adds 10 to Throwing Weapons.(3.0.19) Legendary Items > The Peg Leg Found in the brush at the end of the path before the bridge to Pirates Den area. Adds 1 to Toughness.(3.0.20) Legendary Items > The SkullThe quest is flagged by reading the book in the kitchen at Mauregato's house in Caldera.

Bartender 3.0.18

A versão 3.0.18, acrescenta compatibilidade com vários formatos de ficheiros (por exemplo, o VLC consegue agora ler legendas DVSub, incluídas em ficheiros MKV), melhora a funcionalidade de streaming adaptativo, resolve erros e actualiza várias bibliotecas de terceiros, usadas pelo programa. A actualização resolve os problemas de fast forward em alguns formatos, melhora a compatibilidade com GPU mais antigos e também resolve alguns problemas de estabilidade, que surgiam quando o VLC era usado para aceder a conteúdos via rede, através do protocolo SMB.


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