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Sonic The Hedgehog Look Alike Mp3

Speak in a haiku, got a three hundred IQ, see what I might do?I believe it was John Lennon, who said "I'm the Eggman", he was dead wrong!Who's the supreme gentleman, with a mental plan?Is he wearing pants or a rental van?Temperamental with the stick too, skeng in handLicking these c*nts, like a misused dental damBuckling up with the strap, skudududududu brapLovely jubbly chap, putting my hood on the mapToo many baps and still I go hamForget pepper spray, make the pepper spray like a Coke canOh damn bruv, f*ckin hellI'll chef, scramble eggs, shot, crack and shells for breadRoll through when I cock the hammerHit the whole zoo, when I talk with llamasAsk Shofu I'm Doc RobotnikAnd I'll drop a sonnet that'll, son a Sonic stan, I'm stunningUnderstand, I'm the son of SamSummon heat like sun in summertime, give em a tanDon't f*ck with RobotnikI got a butt thicc, as a plot twistAnd I'll turn your noggin, into egg nog quickF*ck a hedgehog pr*ckComing out of the gates, a bit rustyYou really think you have what it takes? You don't, trust meNever lag behind in a race, the road's dustyI'm starting to think you're the fake, hmm, you must beYeah, take a look in my eyesEven if I lose, I'm bouncing back every time yeahAlways end up choosing, who I'm taking aliveI'm basically another you, with everybody combinedAnd if you see me, you better know, that I'ma settle thisI have always been the one, that you should never meddle withWishing luck to you on, even getting through the levelIf you wanna come and get it, then my pedal's on the metal, b*tchYeah no one's repelling thisI'll take the ones that you love, for the hell of itThey call it evil, I call it benevolenceAnd by the end, show you all who the devil isCame back from the future, to tell you the answer's MephilesIf you last to the end of this, then I'll ask what the question isThe present's tense, it kinda feels like for centuriesI've been on the ledge, of an experiment butYou don't want to hedge your bets, against this edge hogWhen I kill the king, and steal the heart of his princessAmong minions, I wear the crownIn the shadow of shadows, I'm undergroundRapper, the master, spitting flames of disasterAnd I don't even need to open my mouthYou've got a one-way ticket to oblivionFeel the burning sun rays, this kid invented themWhen it comes to villains, in the history binsWho's the one that's gonna leave you deep, Sonic 0-Sixed?Boss in this b*tch, poppin properBig red body like a hot tamaleI'm boxin baddies and crackin eggs'Cause ain't nobody, finna stop my carnageWorld domination, I'm with thatFull annihilation, I sit backKing of my clique, no shit been the big badDead last all six ahead, real quick like, damnWhole team up, we ain't no caught in no jamBrute force strength, Imma kill em with a slamIt's okay, he ain't know who I wasHe ain't know who I am(Let's get it then)Shell to his shell leave em cracked, till he crashed I'm upset that he, had that lil' conchWell 'cause if notThen my whole fist, would have smashedFull strength breaking the glassSix forms, and I'm open-minded, if so inclined, we could boxBig drip but no clothes designer, your foe's this slime, you get dropped(B*tch)You look like chow, about to get scoffedYou should bow down, ask Chao, I'm a godSpirit of water, drink spirits like water, one hit from this whip, get you lit like a shotAll I'm seeing is green, like cash rulesEverything, but no cream, I snatch upEverything in my reach, I'm gassed upBetter see you retreatYou could never rival my energyCatch 'em wav riding like mp3Come through, it's chaos, all I know, chaosBoutta turn up the entropyI'll twist the world to my wishes, your fear is deliciousSubmit and admit, to your own deficiencyEfficiency, cold and ruthless, my foes are uselessI hold the truth within my chest, it's fused to mePain amuses meThey shall lose to meF*ck who I used to beFlip the stage, dig your grace I supersedeScared? Weak? No I refuse to beMask on never mask off, leave your path blockedAnd I should've been the last bossThink you're fast I surpass hogsDon't make me laugh lots, I advance and it can't stopThe mercenary, I hurt so manyYour team I bury, extremely edgyI move these cubes like a Rubik'sInfinite jackal beings, death like AnubisF*ck everything you've been toldHere is some chaos, that can't be controlledYou gamble with god, now I'm taking my tollI'm not going for rings, cause the goal is your soulAnd I only see red when I'm reading your codeYou looking red, like you're seeing a ghostWitness the death as I butcher these childhood threatsThen I'm coming for you in your homeTake a step in the night, 'cause something's not rightYou call for your friends, find a head on a pikeYou and you'll die, you're too slow to hideAnd I'll kill the viewer, if you don't subscribeGo ahead and choose your fighterSet them ablaze like a lighterA villain cast up on a pyre'Cause you know this cypher is ending this cypher

Sonic The Hedgehog Look Alike Mp3

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Burning Out (ft. PrinceWhateverer & Drummershy), Spectrum, Sex Force Falco, First Noel of the Bells, Live and Learn (feat. Djohn Mema), Time Never Flies Acoustic, Here Comes a Thought (feat. djsmell, The L-Train & Brandon Snell), Our Best Hope, and 9 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $23.80 USD or more (30% OFF) You own this Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Live and Learn (feat. Djohn Mema) 04:28 lyrics buy track Can you feel lifeMoving through your mind?Ooooooooh,Looks like it came back for moreYeah...Can you feel timeSlippin' down your spine?Ooooooooh,You try and try to ignoreYeah,But you can hardly swallowYour fears and painWhen you can't help but followIt puts you right back where you came(Chorus)Live and learn!Hanging on to the edge of tomorrowLive and learn!From the works of yesterdayLive and learn!If you beg or if you borrowLive and learn!You may never find your wayWHAAAAAOOOHHH, oh, oh, yeah.Can you feel lifeTangle you up inside?Yeah,Now you're face down on the floor!Oh,But you can't save your sorrowYou've paid in tradeWhen you can't help but follow!It puts you right back where you came(Chorus)Whoa, whoa, OH YEAH!!!!![Guitar solo]"Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" is sung in the midst of the soloThere's a face searchin' far, so far and wide.There's a place where you dreamed you'd never find.Hold on to what if!(Hold on to what if!)(Chorus x 2)Live and learn!Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahLive and learn!Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah about Originally by Crush 40 for Sonic Adventure 2... This song is so cheesy but I love it. Shout out to Djohn Mema for $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released December 1, 2016 Cyril the Wolf - everything except drumsDjohn Mema - Drums $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags hard rock metal metalcore sonic adventure sonic the hedgehog synth rock Allentown if (window.TrackpipeCartStartup) TrackpipeCartStartup.contentsScriptLoad(document.currentScript); about Cyril the Wolf Allentown, Pennsylvania

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