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The Good OnesBrooklyn Nine-Nine : Season 8 Epis...

"The Good Ones" received positive reviews from critics. Matt Fowler of IGN gave the double-episode premiere a "great" 8 out of 10 rating, writing, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine shows its dexterity as season eight opens, providing a parade of comedy while also leaning into serious socio-political issues. It deftly navigates this tricky balance all while making sure each character remains true to their own personalities and motivations. The first two episodes are a hilarious start to what looks to be a stunningly good final season."[3]

The Good OnesBrooklyn Nine-Nine : Season 8 Epis...

LaToya Ferguson of The A.V. Club gave the episode a "B" rating, writing, "'The Good Ones' is a good season premiere. It's especially helped by the fact that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has gotten away from those big, world-shattering season finales, as it doesn't have to scramble to figure out how to really undo any of that. But ultimately, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is saying with 'The Good Ones' that there's no reason to feel uneasy continuing to watch this show, because the Nine-Nine squad is made up of the good ones. However, it's still doing so while saying everyone else is the bad ones. It's kind of hard to feel optimistic there, isn't it?"[4] 041b061a72

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