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Bad Company - Ready For Love [UPD]

You see now, the difference between a horrible rock and rollalbum and a mediocre rock and roll album isn't really thatbig. It's kinda like the difference between stale bread in your cupboardthat you just have to eat up because you're either too lazy to throw itaway or to go and buy some more, on one hand, and that other stalebread in your cupboard that you probably would like to eat but alreadycannot on a pure physiological basis.

Bad Company - Ready For Love

Walkin' down this rocky roadWondering where my life is leadin'Rollin' on to the bitter endFinding out along the wayWhat it takes to keep love livingYou should know how it feels, my friend

RK: Makes sense! To start I'd love to hear a little state of the union on social media hiring right now. What are you seeing? Is it a good time to be looking? Are companies finally paying social managers what they deserve? Give it to me straight.

RK: Do you have any tips for candidates on sniffing out if a company has a good culture, especially around social (approval process, trusting their hires, empowerment to create content, etc)?

Also use your network! I would try to speak with people not in the interview process. See who you are connected to on LinkedIn and see if any of your friends or friends-of-friends work for the company. Try to get a backchannel on general culture and the team you will be joining.

I\u2019m going to keep this intro short because there\u2019s so much good stuff in today\u2019s interview that I just want to get into it. I spoke with Kelly Gordon, an extremely talented recruiter in the marketing space and an old friend, about the hiring landscape right now. We cover industry-wide trends she\u2019s seeing, how to build a social media portfolio, switching out of a social-specific role, how to sniff out bad company culture, and so much more.

If you are trying to move within your current company, you may want to start chatting with individuals who are on the teams you want to be a part of. Let them know you\u2019d like to help on a project or two. More than likely, they will want the help. Showing initiative actually goes a very long way. It goes back to the horsepower point.

Taking on side projects is another way to get experience without too much risk. If you want to get more paid social experience under your belt but your current company isn\u2019t willing to help or invest in that, try looking outside. Smaller brands and first time founders need help and it\u2019s a great way for you to get projects to add to your portfolio.

I love that you mentioned AI\u2014I think one of the biggest reasons why a brand is successful on social is because they can speak to their community. I don\u2019t want an AI bot speaking to me. It\u2019s not authentic. But I can see social managers figuring out a way to use ChatGPT and other resources as a way to cut down their workload when it comes to copy or captions. Still, I don\u2019t see social managers being replaced by robots ever. 041b061a72


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