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El Viaje Perdido In English Translation: A Guide For Spanish Learners

El Viaje Perdido In English Translation: A Guide for Spanish Learners

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn Spanish, you might want to check out El Viaje Perdido (The Lost Journey), a Spanish novel for beginners written by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray. This book tells the story of two American teenagers, Carlos and Jaime, who go on a cruise to Puerto Rico and miss their ship. They have to deal with various problems and adventures while they wait for the ship to return. Along the way, they meet Carmen, a snobby girl who pretends to be their friend but has a hidden agenda.

El Viaje Perdido In English Translation: A Guide for Spanish Learners

In this article, we will give you a brief summary of the book, explain why it is a good choice for Spanish learners, and provide you with some tips on how to use it effectively. We will also tell you how to find El Viaje Perdido in English translation, in case you need some help with understanding the text.

What is El Viaje Perdido about?

El Viaje Perdido is a novel that consists of nine chapters. Each chapter has a summary in English at the end, which helps the reader to check their comprehension. The book also has exercises and activities to practice the language skills learned in each chapter. The book is designed to help students learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar in a fun and engaging way. The book also introduces some aspects of Puerto Rican culture, such as food, music, history, and superstitions.

The main characters of the book are Carlos and Jaime, two friends from Ohio who go on a cruise to Puerto Rico. They are very different from each other: Carlos is tall, robust, and has excellent grades in school, while Jaime is short, skinny, and has superior grades. On the cruise, they meet Carmen, a beautiful woman with curly hair who studies at Columbia University and lives in New York. She is also very snobby and looks down on Carlos and Jaime.

Carlos and Jaime get off the boat in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. They need to be back on the boat by 8 pm. They walk around the city and see many old forts, churches, and international people. They take a bus to Condado Beach, where they enjoy the sun and the sea. A waitress serves them drinks and tells them about the problems in Puerto Rico such as thieves and hurricanes. They fall asleep on the beach and wake up with only 15 minutes to get to the boat. They run to the port but they are too late: the ship has left without them.

Carlos is angry and Jaime is surprised. They both think they are dumb. They also realize that someone has stolen their wallets. They decide to call their parents and leave a message saying that they are okay. They decide to go to a nearby restaurant for water and to sleep in the street that night. Then they see Carmen again and she looks like an angel.

Carlos and Jaime run to Carmen. They tell her their problem and ask her for help. She says that the ship will return in two days. She says that she will help them if they do something for her. She says that they can sleep in her grandmother's house if Carlos pretends to be her boyfriend and Jaime works in her grandmother's store. They agree because they have no other choice.

Carlos and Jaime call their parents again. They walk to Carmen's grandmother's house. The house is small with yellow walls, candles, statues, and masks. Senora Rivera is old, wears a long skirt, and has grey teeth. She is happy to know that Carmen has a boyfriend. She makes them a dinner of rice with chicken, black beans, and fried plantains. After dinner they talk about baseball and the boys sleep on the floor.

Senora Rivera wakes Carlos and Jaime up at 5 am. She makes them magical fried eggs for breakfast. Carlos goes to the beach with Carmen while Jaime works at the grandmother's store. Several customers come in for Senora Rivera's help with their problems or wishes. She uses candles, herbs, cards, or dolls to help them. Jaime thinks she is crazy but he does what she tells him to do.

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