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Giant Bike Serial Number Decoder [UPD]

for the ultimate in theft prevention, put your bike's serial number on your frame in a place that cannot be easily overlooked. we've found that the best place to put your bike's serial number is on the frame itself. on most bikes, the serial number can be found on the underside of the bottom bracket shell or under the seat tube, either on the left or right side.

giant bike serial number decoder

if you're lucky enough to find a bike with an engraved serial number (some companies put them on, some just stamp them in), you can usually find them in the documentation. but be careful: some companies may keep the numbers on their frames in the event the frame is stolen, rather than on the parts. don't lose your documentation, or you might be stuck.

how do you know your bike is a real, genuine bike? if you're looking at a second-hand bike and can't find the bike serial number, don't be alarmed. most of the time, the serial number is printed on a small tag affixed to the bike's frame. if you can't find the tag, you might be looking at a fake. that's okay, because it's still worth buying if it's in the condition you want. you can do some research online to make sure the number matches the one you see.

why should you care about serial numbers? there are several reasons, including insurance. if your bike is stolen, the police can trace it back to you by matching it to the serial number. if you go to court to get your bike back, the judge can look up the serial number to make sure you're telling the truth. if your bike is a stolen one, you should be able to get the police to take it back to the store that sold it to you.


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