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KMS Tools: How to Backup and Restore Your Activation Data

KMS Tools Portable launched by Ratiborus in 2019 includes all the well-known service programs. Using the program pack is very convenient, since it combines all the essential tools from one major software developer. KMS Tools Portable allows you to activate and reactivate various Windows and Microsoft Office versions. The software is free of charge, supports multiple languages, and can be launched from a USB drive.

KMS Tools for Windows and Office All Versions

These tools are safe and easy-to-use tools for activating Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. With this program, you can activate all versions of Microsoft Windows from XP to 10 and Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2019.

KMS Tool is a software that is utilized for activating different versions of Microsoft Office and Windows OS. There is a general notion that before one can activate any Microsoft product, there is always a certain price that has to be paid. However, the KMS Tool has curbed the payment part. You can easily activate any of the Microsoft products without expending any dime. This tool can be considered above all other available activating tools online. Most of all the other tools have not been able to get the correct and genuine keys for activating Microsoft products. provides provides an online library of over 5000 training courses on a wide range of technology topics such as commonly used office productivity tools, operating systems, design tools, audio and video editing applications, web development, open source software and many more.


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