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Bogdan Gusev
Bogdan Gusev

Igi 2 Health Cheat Code [HOT] Free 42

- ADAPT SME; led USAFE core function trng/2 prsnl earned brd certifications--doubled flt's treatment capacity - Adept surgical tech; assisted provider w/ 96 surgical procedures; recapturing 143.8K specialty referral costs - Admitted over 90 patients; 100% record accuracy--laid error-free foundation for all subsequent documentation- Advanced battlefield medic skills; attended TCCC-MP/1/6 medics qual'd--primed spt/3-nation coalition SOF training- Advanced point of care testing capability; trained 6 site supervisors/33 staff/3 processes--cut TAT 90%/saved 150 hrs- Aid'd 2019 AD medical record inventory; guaranteed accountability f/10k records--enforc'd 100% HIPAA compliance- Aided TPC; ensured rapid enrollment/Other Hlth Insurance verification f/12K pts--crushed AF goal of $1.26M>29% - Allotted admin support f/GI clnc; managed/initiated 8K pt records/ROIs IAW AFI 41-210--reduced referral errors 18% - Analyzed Wg OPLAN/BSP; id'd/resolved contingency shortfalls/briefed Wg/CC--increased clinic msn capes by 78% - Articulate briefer/Children's Dental Health mo; taught 700 youth proper oral care--promoted healthy lifestyle - Assiduity in motion! CAT Dir iso 2x 801X Large Force Exercises--coord'd 6-ship wx dvrt--RMO'd by MDG/CC- Assisted 2.6k pt encounters; $590K in care contributed/$2.7M clinic production for FY'14--109% clinic goal- Assisted w/16 QC x-ray op evals; updated 30 CPT codes/created 20 CHCS acct's--ATC up 40%/cut pt rpt delays 9% - Assisted w/build of 60 MASCAL medical supply cases; enhanced unit effectiveness--cases 100% accurate- Assisted with medication turn-ins; issued/returned 680 critical assets to AOR pharmacy inventory--saved gov't $25K- Asst'd NCOIC w/annual inventory; diligently insp'd >60 dental articles--recovered $9K in AF eqpmt/property- Attended Air Life crs; educated on active shooter response/generational comm barriers--earned 6 EMS CEUs - Audited $215K med supplies; inspected/removed expired items--saved the hospital $516.03 worth of items - Audited 13 CAF folders; corrected +50 deficiencies/validated competencies/credentials-boosted compliance 100%- Augmented '14 flu tm; worked 4 mobile lines/vaccinated 12K--efforts helped crush AF's 90% goal 4 wks early - Augmented BMT out-patient clinic; verified eligibility/sched tx f/276 pts/initiated 23 t-cons--saved $48K outsourcing - Augmented dental radiology; provided 70 quality films/panos/worth $2K--achieved superb retake-rate of

igi 2 health cheat code free 42

- Earned 5 skill lvl; finished 144 OJT tasks 4 month early--scored 89% EOC avg/bested AF 4N0X1 std by 8% - Elected Dorm Council President; liaised with wg ldrshp/org'd holiday party--championed Qol for 82 residents - Enabled POW/MIA event; sq rep 9 mbr tm/enabled 24hr run/6 agencies--supported 300 volunteers to honor 81K vets - Enhanced inpt ops; nav'd 50% manning gap/mng'd 13 prsnl/5.8K orders--adv'd 775 surgs/150 births/7.5K emer visits - Establish'd trng prog f/understaff'd AFSC; instruct'd 3 Jt svc mbrs/5 techniques/15 modules--incr'd surg skills by 50%- Established inventory/control procedures ensuring accountability of 183 pieces of ADPE valued at >$100K - Established new sharps accountability procedures; accounted for 475 blades/needles--zero cuts/needle sticks- Executed 53 pt evals/walk-ins; facilitated pt data collection--reclaimed 45 provider hrs/ensured 100% sat/0 care delays - Executed 96 code cart insp; reviewed 23 items/oversaw Zoll/LifePak 15 transition; prep'd response f/5 cardiac emerg - Executed Dental Charge of Quarters; secured clinic/$9M equipment--ensured safety/26 clinic personnel/assets- Executed Flt CCM duties; supervised $62K budget/19 line items/$3.5M eqpmt inventory--zero discrepancies/msn rdy - Executed MDG decon procedures; rendered care/120 mock CBRN patients/9 MASCALS-51 FW CUI rt'd "E"- Expedited 372 deployment clearances/health assessments; msn success-provided patients 95% access care - Expedited high quality images; performed/scheduled 2K rad exams/dlvr'd critical results--zero delays to patient care- Expertly triaged over 500 patients during NV CERFP 2019 Collective Training Event; expedited patient processing

Teleradiology, sending of x-rays, is the most common application of telemedicine in use today. Mobile telemedicine is the latest area of research where the patient can be monitored remotely by a doctor. In this paper, we propose a teleradiology system whereby the communication is established via cellular networks and cell phones. Since the data is sent over a wireless channel, it is more prone to data loss due to the mobile environment. To prevent data from getting lost due to noise in the wireless channel, an error-coding scheme is applied. Turbo code is a powerful error coding technique employed nowadays in communication systems. In this paper we apply turbo codes to an x-ray image and an ECG image and simulate the transmission system by adding Gaussian noise to the image. The performance of Turbo codes, in terms of bit error rate is better than other error coding schemes even in the region where the signal strength is very low. The Quality of the image is retained in the receiving end by proper design of the error-coding scheme. An analysis has been done on various parameters considered in the design of turbo codes. The images obtained after decoding are found to be suitable for recognition and diagnosis by the doctors in their mobile phones. This novel technology will enhance the health care in rural area where the opinion of a specialized doctor is not available. 350c69d7ab


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