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Bogdan Gusev
Bogdan Gusev

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction RePack CPY ((LINK))

Heading to Washington, D.C., Sam met up with Victor Coste, who gave him "his favourite pistol" and a portable EMP generator from DARPA. He also helped Sam infiltrate White Box, MCN Headquarters, where secret Third Echelon Headquarters was also located. Sam first knocked out the power to the surrounding compound. He made his way into the security booth, to disable the security in the building, and took out the satellite antenna's on top of the roof. He then disabled the satellite dish on the roof, and made it inside the building via an elevator into building. Inside he tracked down where Kobin was being held. Sam saves a scientist from some Black Arrow mercenaries, and who tells him about Robertson. After witnessing some more Black Arrow mercenaries murder a scientist, Sam interrogates a splinter cell for a keycard into Third Echelon Headquarters, and saved some scientists that were being held hostage. Grímsdóttir contacted Sam, and had him help her hack into the computer systems.Sam discovered Kobin inside Third Echelon HQ, eavesdropping on him contacting Reed. Sam interrogated Kobin, learning more about the EMPs, and more about his daughter. He then contacted Grim to learn more from her.

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction RePack CPY

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