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Bogdan Gusev

Starcraft - Broodwar Game Hack Password LINK

here is a list of some of the things that i worked on, and i dont have the first clue on how they are implemented (they are all code, and there is often a reason for the code to be there):

Starcraft - Broodwar game hack password


  • art conversion tools (dpaint ani, lbm, etc.)

  • localized map menu

  • screen capture tool

  • fixes for starcraft 1

  • fixes for starcraft 2

dpaint ani is a program for converting.ani files to the game format, or from the game format to.ani. it requires that you have the dpaint program, and the dpaint ani format reader, and that you have a game that supports dpaint. the dpaint ani format reader is really easy to write, and ive written a few versions of it, but the dpaint program is quite a bit more complex. it is a lot like a paint program, but it is also a data packing and decompression program. you can use it to compress maps, but in order to compress them, you need to be able to read them into the program.

dpaint ani format is used to describe the game format for the dpaint program. it is made up of a header, which describes the size and name of the data, and the data itself. the data is a binary blob, that basically contains all of the drawing information for each pixel. it is basically the same as a png file, but with lots more features. it is a way for dpaint to paint, or blit, an image onto the screen.

i was wondering if they ever created a cheat for the game? i know some of the older games have had them and they worked with certain things like computers or games that have networking capabilities, but i have no idea if they ever made one for the game but it would be nice to know.


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