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A Complete and Updated Korean Dictionary PDF for All Levels

In addition to English, you can find the dictionary website to hold many other language options, from Japanese to Finnish. This dictionary offers you example sentences, the specific word translation (in its noun, adjective, etc. forms), and any possible other meanings it may have.

korean dictionary pdf

A nice feature of this dictionary is that you can click on the blue speaker icons to practice audio to help you learn Korean pronunciation. Keep in mind that not all of the words will have audio, but many do. There could be audio for both the Korean and the English words.

The online English Korean and Korean English dictionary by Daum functions very similarly to the Naver dictionary. You can visit their site here: Daum Dictionary (다음 어학사전 daeum eohaksajeon)

Besides operating as an English to Korean dictionary, and vice versa, it is possible to search the dictionary for other languages. However, in comparison to Naver, Daum does not have as many languages available.

For example, you might want a quick Korean translation of some words as you go about your daily life in Korea. Just punch in the English words in your dictionary, and you can get the Korean translations, or type in the Korean word in your Korean English dictionary, and you can get the English equivalent.

Our favorite Korean to English dictionary, among other dictionaries, is the Naver dictionary. The app works nicely as Korean translator apps, and the practice sentences are helpful for understanding context and usage.

This is a Korean language dictionary app that also functions as a robust thesaurus, giving you more vocabulary options in the way of synonyms and antonyms. The app has voice search as well as speech-to-text feature, which will come in handy for auditory learners.


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