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Life Is Feudal: Forest Village V1.1.6719 Hack Tool

well, we can add 'em. installing a farmer-villager item will allow your villagers to perform this labor for you. now, any time you have a villager doing something they shouldnt be, it will perform a little bit of labor instead. your fey villagers will need to have 'agricultural' gear installed on them to perform this labor. doing so costs a bit of food and cash, as well as for a few turns of labor, but it can really get the job done.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village v1.1.6719 hack tool

im guessing youre wondering "why cant i combine this with that?" well, its because, to start with, you need to know that your harvest job is tied to your villagers via their gear. but more importantly, new houses and pastures can only hold a certain amount of stock. your pastures would have to be leveled, for instance, before you could plant in them and build a barn or stable. anyhow, we can make that easy. we'll need to create a new 'flat' farm type with the following properties:

a flat farm can hold a limited amount of stock, with a maximum of 10 cows, five horses, two sheep and 20 chickens per villager. however, a flat farm can take up to five houses and five pastures, and so that number is not as strict as a crop farm.

the difficulty level with the gold mod - should it be called out any further - is that the number of villagers is so limited that your village can be overrun in seconds by enemy hordes, which will make it very difficult to stay alive. on the flip side, if youre a greedy grower, your villagers will go after the bees and the wheat, leaving you with nothing to plant.

if youre looking for a life is feudal mod that adds a lot of depth, customisation, and lots of content to the game, this isnt the one. if youre after something that you can start building yourself and that doesnt bog you down, this is still a great mod to test out.

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