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Video Watermark (Android)

I got some negative votes for posting info as an answer so I'll edit the original question. Here is a great library which, from my testing does apply watermark to video and does it with progress callback making it a lot easier to show progress to the user and also uses the default android sdks. -android

Video Watermark (Android)

I don't know much about the MediaMuxer but ffmpeg does support overlaying functionality. FFMPEG has various filters one of them is overlay filter. What I understand is you want to overlay an image (i.e. png) on the video, ffmpeg surely is a useful framework to do this job. You can set the output format you can set the co-ordinates of the image which is to be overplayed.

It has transcoding\remuxing functionality as MediaComposer class and several sample effects like JpegSubstituteEffect - it shows how substitute video frame by a picture from jpg file and TextOverlayEffect to overlay text on video frame etc. It could be easily enhanced to watermark effect

I tried to put watermark on one video but FFmpeg command won't execute and error code is 3037. I run the same code for trimming video and video is trimmed successfully so there is no issues with inputpath or outputpath also I have ic_watermark.png in assets folder. I tried with image from Drawable but same error code.

To ensure such things, we need to use Android watermark apps. There are countless reasons why anyone would need an Android watermark app. Watermark apps for Android can help you when you want to sell the images online, publish them in a public forum, etc.

Since the app availability is high on Android compared to all other mobile operating systems, you can find many watermark apps on the Google Play Store. If you are also searching for the best Android apps to watermark your images, then here we will share some of the best Android watermark apps.

After creating and adding Watermark to videos, you get the option to adjust its position, size, hue, and more. So, if you are looking for an Android app to add Watermark to videos, Video Watermark could be a perfect pick.

Not just that, but Photo Watermark also allows users to select the transparency level. Photo Watermark also provides users with hundreds of text fonts and png stickers, which you can use to create a watermark.

Watermark From ZippoApps is a relatively new Android watermark app available on the Google Play Store. Like all other watermark apps, Watermark From ZippoApps also allows users to create effective watermarks by adding their photos. Not only watermarks but the app can be used to create signatures also.

iWatermark Free Watermarking is one of the best and top-rated Android watermark apps available on the Google Play Store. Like all other watermark apps, the app allows users to select their images to create watermarks.

So, these are the ten best watermark apps for Android devices. With these free apps, you can easily add a watermark to your photos or videos. If you want to suggest us any other watermark apps, let us know in the comments.

Here is a list of 10 free video watermark apps for Android. Watermark helps you protect your videos and can give the videos a brand identity. Adding a watermark to a video is quite simple these days. You can do it on your smartphone.

Some of these apps allow you to use an image or text as a watermark. Whereas, some apps feature a design editor with design resources where you can create your own custom watermarks. You can save multiple watermarks. Then you can place the watermark anywhere on the video and resize it to the desired size. After finalizing the size and position, you can apply the watermark to the video.

Video Watermark by Z Mobile Apps is my favorite video watermark app on this list. This app offers two ways to add a watermark to a video. You can either choose to add the watermark to the full length of the video. Or, you can play the video and select the specific parts where you want the watermark to appear. In terms of the watermark, it has an advanced editor to create watermarks. If you already have a watermark or a logo, you can import the image and use the editor to finalize your watermark with effects, backgrounds, text arts, stickers, etc. One nice thing is that you can keep multiple watermarks in this app and easily apply any of those to your videos.

Video Watermark is a free Android app to add watermarks to videos. This app features an advanced editor where users can design their own watermarks. The editor has lots of features including backgrounds, effects, shadows, 3D effects, text art, stickers, etc. On top of that, users can add their own logo as an image to create a watermark. This can create and store multiple watermarks. Users can simply select a video from the gallery and pick the watermark to add to the video. This app offers two options for adding watermark. The first option is to add the watermark to the full length of the video. The second option is to add the watermark to the specific section(s) of the video. In either case, the app runs in the background and pops a notification when the task is finished.

Video WaterMark is another free Android app to add watermarks to videos. This is a simple yet feature-packed app for watermarking videos. The app features a collection of general-purpose watermarks that users can simply add to their videos. Additionally, it features a design editor where users can design their own watermarks with images, text, shapes, effects, etc. Users can create and save multiple watermarks in this app and quickly apply those to their videos. This app also serves as a trim tool for videos.

Video Photo Watermark is a free Android app to add watermarks to videos. This app has a design editor where users can create and save their watermarks. It allows users to create watermarks using photos, stickers, shapes, text, effects, etc. It can save multiple watermarks and apply the selected watermark to the video. Apart from that, this app can also be used to remove the watermark from a video. It offers a 1-tap watermark removal that detects and removes the watermak. However, the final results may vary depending on the video and the watermark.

Add Watermark is a free Android app to add watermarks to videos. This app has a simple interface and process to watermark videos. It loads up the gallery to pick the video for watermarking. Once the video is select, it offers options to use a photo or GIF as a watermark. Alternatively, users can design custom watermarks with photos, emojis, stickers, and text. After that, users simply pick their watermark and add it to the video.

Watermark Maker is a free app to watermark videos on Android. This app comes with a simple UI with straightforward options to watermark videos and photos. In either case, users get to design their own custom watermarks. If users already have a watermark image or logo then they can import that to the app and finalize it. Or, they can use the editor to create their own custom logo with various design elements offered in the app. Then, they can place and resize the logo on any frame of the video and apply it to the whole video.

Add Watermark on Videos & Photos is a free video watermark app for Android. This app can watermark videos and photos. It features a collection of pre-designed watermarks for general needs like copyright, trademark. etc. Users can also create their own watermarks and save them in this app. Once the watermark is finalized, users can simply pick the video from the gallery, resize and position the logo, and add it to the video. The process runs in the background. This app has a batch mode that allows it to add watermark to multiple videos and photos in one go.

Remove & Add Watermark is a free Android app that can add and remove watermarks to videos and images. To add a logo, this app can pick the video or image from the gallery. Then it can create a watermark with text and image. It turns that into a watermark and place on the video. Users can resize the watermark and place it anywhere on the video.

This app can also be used to remove watermark from a video or image. In that case, users can mask the logo and use different methods to remove it. Users can either use a stamp tool to mask the area with a watermark or place a design element over it. In the case of videos, users can either cut the video part, resize the video or add animation to mask the watermark.

This is a free video editor app for Android that can be used for video watermark. This app packs lot of video editing features including resize, change playback speed, cut, add music, add filters, add stickers, add text, video stitching, video reverse, and more. The feature to add photos, text, stickers, etc. can be used to add a watermark to the video. Users can just add the desired element, place it properly, and apply it to the whole length of the video.

Another nice feature of this app is the ability to remove watermarks from videos. It is quite simple. Users just have to select the watermark part of the video and the app removes the watermark automatically. The final results may vary depending on the video and watermark.

Video Eraser is a free Android app that can add watermark to videos. The main feature of this app is to remove watermarks from videos. The app uses advanced image and text recognition techniques to process the watermark and the video. Then it automatically removes the watermark from the video.

Video Watermark is yet another app to watermark videos on Android. This app offers a simple option to watermark videos using an image or text. If the users have a logo or watermark in an image format then they can import that image and add it as a watermark to the video. Along with that, they can also use custom text, stickers, and text art to create a watermark.

If you want to remove watermark while keeping the original quality, you need to use a watermark remover app to get the best result. There are many watermark remover apps on iOS and Android devices. The question is which one should you download to remove text or image watermark from your mobile phone. To save time on endless searching, you can get useful information here.


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