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Experience the history of computer development with Progressbar95

Progressbar95: A Nostalgic Game That Will Make You Smile

If you are a fan of old Windows and Macintosh operating systems, or if you just want to experience some retro vibes, you might want to check out Progressbar95, a unique indie game that will make you smile. In this game, you can relive the history of computer development, from the text-based DOS shell to the modern Windows 11. You can also enjoy various modes and mini-games that are based on vintage GUI elements like panels, buttons and icons.

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In this article, I will provide you with some information about the game, such as its history, features, system requirements and compatibility, and some tips and tricks to help you master it. I will also show you how to download and install the game on your device.

What is Progressbar95?

Progressbar95 is a hypercasual user interface game developed by icoeye, a Russian indie developer. The game was first released for Android in 2019, followed by iOS in 2020. Later that year, a PC version was released on Steam, followed by a macOS version in 2021.

The concept and gameplay of Progressbar95

The primary goal of Progressbar95 is to fill up the progress bar by catching different colored fragments that fly from different directions. You can move the progress bar with one finger (on mobile devices) or with the mouse (on PC or macOS). You need to fill the bar to 100% to complete a level.

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However, it is not as simple as it sounds. There are different types of fragments that have different effects on the progress bar. For example:

  • Blue fragments are the basic ones that fill up the bar normally.

  • Yellow fragments are corrupted ones that reduce the bar's quality. You can either avoid them or fix them by tapping or clicking on them.

  • Red fragments are dangerous ones that cause errors on the bar. You need to close the error messages quickly or else they will multiply.

  • Green fragments are bonus ones that give you extra points or other benefits.

  • Purple fragments are special ones that trigger different modes or mini-games.

The game also has various obstacles and pop-ups that can interfere with your progress. For example:

  • Virus pop-ups are annoying ones that try to trick you into clicking on them. You need to close them as soon as possible or they will infect your system.

Boss pop-ups are challenging

Progressbar DOS

A text-based system that mimics the DOS shell. You need to type commands to catch fragments and avoid errors.

DOS (Disk Operating System)

Progressbar 1X

A graphical system that resembles the first version of Windows. You need to drag and drop fragments to fill the bar.

Windows 1.0

Progressbar 2X

A graphical system that improves on the previous version. You can resize and overlap windows and use keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 2.0

Progressbar 3X

A graphical system that introduces icons, menus, and dialogs. You can also use the mouse to catch fragments.

Windows 3.0

Progressbar 9X

A graphical system that has a modern and colorful look. You can customize the desktop, use the taskbar, and access the start menu.

Windows 95/98/ME

Progressbar 2000

A graphical system that has a sleek and professional look. You can use the quick launch, the notification area, and the recycle bin.

Windows 2000

Progressbar XP

A graphical system that has a bright and friendly look. You can use the themes, the wallpapers, and the sounds.

Windows XP

Progressbar Mosaic

A graphical system that has a tiled and minimalist look. You can use the charms, the apps, and the live tiles.

Windows 8/8.1

Progressbar Wista/7/10/11

A graphical system that has a transparent and elegant look. You can use the aero, the gadgets, and the search.

Windows Vista/7/10/11

Progressbar Mac

A graphical system that mimics the Macintosh interface. You can use the menu bar, the trash, and the finder.

Mac OS Classic

Progressbar OS X

A graphical system that resembles the Mac OS X interface. You can use the dock, the spotlight, and the dashboard.

Mac OS X

Progressbar OS 11

A g