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Sare Shikve Gile Bhula Ke Kaho Jo Bhi Kahna Hai Muskura Ke Kaho.mp3

Sare Shikwe Bhula Ke Kaho: A Song of Forgiveness and Happiness

If you are looking for a song that can uplift your mood and inspire you to let go of your grudges and grievances, then you might want to listen to Sare Shikwe Bhula Ke Kaho. This is a popular Hindi song from the 1989 movie Azaad Desh Ke Gulam, sung by Mohammad Aziz and Anuradha Paudwal. The lyrics are written by Sameer and the music is composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

sare shikve gile bhula ke kaho jo bhi kahna hai muskura ke kaho.mp3


The song is a duet between two lovers who have had some misunderstandings and arguments in their relationship. They decide to forget all their complaints and say what they want with a smile. They also promise to never break each others hearts and stay together for life. The song is a beautiful expression of love, forgiveness, and happiness.

The Meaning and Lyrics of Sare Shikwe Bhula Ke Kaho

The title of the song translates to Forget all your complaints and say what you want with a smile. The song has a catchy tune and simple words that convey a deep message. Here are the lyrics of the song with their English translation:

Sare Shikwe Gile Bhula Ke Kaho

Forget all your complaints and grievances

Jo Bhi Kehna Hai Muskura Ke Kaho

Say whatever you want with a smile

Dil Na Todoge Kasam Kha Ke Kaho

Swear that you wont break my heart

Mujhko Apne Gale Laga Ke Kaho

Say it while hugging me

Meri Kasmo Ka Vasta Roke

Dont leave me angry because of my promises

Aise Jao Na Tum Khafa Hoke

Dont go away upset like this

Aao Mere Kareeb Aake Kaho

Come close to me and say

Har Kadam Mere Sath Aaoge

You will come with me every step

Vaada Karke Na Bhool Jaoge

You wont forget your promise

Apni Saanson Mein Tum Basa Ke Kaho

Say it while keeping me in your breath

Umra Bhar Sath Hum Nibhayenge

We will stay together for life

Ek Pal Bhi Na Door Jayenge

We wont go away even for a moment

Ab Kabhi Tumse Hum Na Roothenge

We wont ever get angry with you

Phir Yeh Sapne Kabhi Na Tootenge

Then these dreams will never break

Tum Nazar Se Nazar Mila Ke Kaho

Say it while looking into my eyes

Where to Listen to Sare Shikwe Bhula Ke Kaho

If you want to listen to this song, you can find it on various online platforms such as YouTube, Gaana, Wakelet, etc. You can also download the mp3 file from these sites and enjoy the song offline. You can also watch the video of the song, which features the actors Rishi Kapoor and Rekha as the lead pair.


Sare Shikwe Bhula Ke Kaho is a song that can make you feel happy and positive. It can also help you to forgive and forget the past and move on with your life. The song has a soothing melody and meaningful lyrics that can touch your heart. So, if you are looking for a song that can brighten up your day, then you should definitely listen to Sare Shikwe Bhula Ke Kaho. c481cea774


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