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The Tower 2012 Korean Movie Download

search this movie trailer up on youtube and the first comment is this movie is part of the reason i am a fireman. the movie follows a crew of chicago firemen chasing the trail of a serial arsonist. this thriller has an all-star crew, including famous actors kurt russel, william baldwin, donald sutherland, and robert de niro. the actors went out on calls with real chicago firefighters before filming started, so they could get a real sense of what it was like to be on the job. and their hard work paid off, with the movie receiving three oscar nominations.

The Tower 2012 Korean Movie Download

the movie tells the story of a firefighting crew in new york. the crew has just finished a long exhausting tour and their reliefs are calling in sick. the crew is sent to the bronx to check out an apartment fire. they make it in time to save all the residents but there is one problem. they arrive to find that the fire broke out in the kitchen and the only way in is through a window. no ladder truck to fight the fire, the crew must use all of their ingenuity to get through the window.

the movie was directed by charlie mcdowell, the man behind films such as the shining, antichrist, and one day. he did a masterful job of capturing the feeling of the firehouse. the crews routines are shown in a realistic way. at one point they are standing around talking about a local news article about firefighters getting attacked. the director shows the firehouse in its correct size and weight. all the characters in the movie are very realistic. they move around the firehouse like firemen in real life. there is a great use of emergency equipment and it is all very impressive.


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